Campus Challenge Resource Center


A variety of additional resources have been provided for your use as a participant in the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF and ACUI Campus Challenge. The files below are PDF files so if you don’t have Adobe reader, click here to get it—it’s free.




Resource guides

To assist in planning events on your campus, these documents include a variety of programming ideas, UNICEF facts and additional tips that will help make you and your organization successful!


arrows Battle of the Bands Toolkit


arrows Campus Challenge 1 Pager

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arrows Guide to leading a discussion series


arrows Planning Checklist


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Information on Child Survival

Throughout your participation in the Campus Challenge, you will learn more about global issues. These documents will provide campus leaders background knowledge and "Take Action" ideas.

Note: Documents will change


arrows Child Protection


arrows HIV/AIDS


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arrows Nutrition

  arrows Education  
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     PDF icon 152 KB  

arrows Every Child

  arrows UNICEF Did You Know    

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Promotional tools

The documents below are intended to serve as templates or examples for ways to get the word out about the Campus Challenge. Feel free to share as many copies as you would like or to customize them to best meet your needs.


 arrows Customizable press release


arrows 10 Ways to get involved with UNICEF


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arrows UNICEF Fact Sheet 1 of 2


arrows UNICEF Fact Sheet 2 of 2

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arrows Campus Challenge logo


arrows Campus Challenge Flyer 

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  arrows Article for College Newspapers  

 arrows UNICEF PSAs

   arrows George Harrison Fund Campus Challenge 21K  
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Potential campus partners

This list offers many potential partners you can work with on your campus!

  arrows UNICEF Campus Initiative partners One-pager    arrows ACUI Members  
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  arrows Campus Initiative One-pager    arrows UNICEF Campus Initiative Flyer  
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Other resource links


arrows Shop UNICEF


arrows Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF


arrows UNICEF publications


arrows Convention on the Rights of a Child



   arrows TeachUNICEF  

arrows UNICEF Tap Project


arrows ACUI