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    I am supporting the UNICEF Tap Project to help provide clean, safe water to children around the world.


    Why am I supporting the UNICEF Tap Project?


    Every day we use water to quench our thirst, to clean, to cook and for countless other purposes. Water is part of our daily lives and we take for granted that we will have safe water when and where we need it.


    • Nearly 900 million people around the world do not have access to safe clean water? and half of them are children
    • Lack of access to safe water impacts children's lives in ways that go beyond than not just having clean water to drink or bathe
    • Waterborne illnesses are the second highest cause of death among children under five years of age worldwide. Each of these deaths is preventable by providing access to safe water sources
    • Those lucky to survive don't get a childhood as they walk miles each day unprotected in dangerous areas to fetch water from a safe source. This means they cannot attend school or even play

    The solutions?often quite simple?exist.


    How UNICEF helps:


    Donations raised through the UNICEF Tap Project campaign have funded a variety of lifesaving projects including?

    • water access improvements in densely populated villages in Cote d'Ivoire;
    • sanitation improvement in Nicaragua;
    • emergency response and water, environment and sanitation capacity-building in Iraq;
    • school sanitation and clean water projects in the Toledo region of Belize.



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